Conference archive: 17-18th April, 2014
Dear colleagues! We invite you to take part
in the First Ukrainian Conference
of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
with International Participation.
Conference archive:
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Preliminary conference program
  • 24th April
  • 25th April
08:00-08:15 Welcome greetings
08:15-10:00 Breast cancer – biological and organizational aspects. 105 min. Chairmen - Kuten, Zhygulin.
Breast Cancer: Past, Present and Future. Yarden, 30 min
Hereditary and somatic genetic changes and breast cancer. Rennert, 30 min
Future of breast cancer and Eurama project. Zurrida, 15 min
Where, how and by whom should breast cancer patients be treated? What is the real Breast Center? Farhadi, 15 min
10:00-10:30 Coffee 30 min
10:30-12:30 Stereotypes and innovations. What can be done better? 120 min. Chairmen - Bernstein, Smolanka.
Update on neoadjuvant therapy of locally advanced breast cancer. Leonard, 25 min
Managing of the axilla. What, when and for whom? Morgan, 20 min
Personalized treatment of advanced BC according to molecular profiling. Leonard, 20 min
HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer: trastuzumab emtansine - а вreakthrough Innovation. Leonard, 15 min
Current trends in the radiotherapy of breast cancer. Morgan, 25 min
12:30-13:00 Coffee 30 min
13:00-15:10 Breast reconstructive surgery 130 min. Chairmen - Masia, Zhygulin.
NSM, SSM, SRM options for mastectomy and immediate implant based breast reconstruction. What to do and what not to do. Scheflan, 25 min
Immediate reconstruction with autologous flaps. Observation of the method. Andree, 15 min
Modern trends in immediate reconstruction in Ukraine. Anikousko, 15 min
Reconstruction in skinny patients. Implants and flaps. Farhadi, 15 min
Reconstruction in patients with advanced cancer. Farhadi, 15 min
ADM & TRM in immediate breast reconstructions. Scheflan, 15 min
Prophylactic mastectomies – oncological and technical aspects. Unukovych, 15 min
15:10-16:00 Lunch 50 min
16:00-18:00 After cancer surgery 120 min. Chairmen - Farhadi, Khrapach.
Delayed reconstruction – the world`s trends. Technical aspects for the oncologists. Masia, 15 min
Complications in autologous reconstructive surgery. How to avoid and manage it. Masia, 15 min
Delayed reconstruction – approaches in National Institute of Surgery (Kyiv, Ukraine). Galich, 15 min
Symmetrisation Surgery on the contralateral breast- when, what & how to do it best? Scheflan, 15 min
Lipografting - what`s new? Scheflan, 15 min
Surgical prophylaxis and treatment of the lymphedema (retrograde lymphography, lympho-venous anastomosis). Simple advises and high level approaches. Masia, 15 min
18:00-19:00 Radiotherapy and oncoplastic surgery 60 min. Chairmen - Scheflan, Cheshuk.
Immediate reconstruction and radiotherapy – what and when we have to do? Different regiments according to the time of radiotherapy. Farhadi, 20 min
Immediate implant-based reconstruction and adjuvant radiotherapy. Results from Kyiv Municipal Oncological Hospital. Cheshuk, 10 min
Could preoperative radiotherapy affect survival? Results of a single-institution trial. Anikousko, 10 min
19:30-21:00 Cocktail
08:00-08:45 Complications in breast surgery 45 min. Chairmen - Andree, Cheshuk
Avoidance and management of complications in immediate implant-based breast reconstruction. Scheflan, 15 min
Immediate and delayed complications in aesthetic and breast conserving surgery. Khrapach, 15 min
08:45-10:15 Breast conserving surgery 90 min. Chairmen - Smolanka, Anikousko.
Anatomy of the breast from the oncoplastic surgeon point of view. Zhygulin, 15 min
Reduction mammaplasty and mastopexy in oncoplastic breast surgery. Zhygulin, 15 min
TDAP-flap for partial breast reconstruction. Andree, 15 min
Correction of breast deformities after BCS with DIEP-flap. Andree, 15 min
Central tumors and breast conserving surgery (BCS). Is it safe and how to deal with it? Zhygulin, 15 min
10:15-10:45 Coffee 30 min
10:45-12:00 Recovery and rehabilitation 70 min. Chairmen - Cheshuk, Galich.
Patient`s quality of life and patient-reported outcomes (PROMs): existing tools and aspects of evaluation and importance for the surgeon. Unukovych, 15 min
Complex rehabilitation for breast cancer patients after surgery. Belova, 15 min
Volume pneumocompression in treatment of postmastectomy lymphostasis. Zaitsev, Yelchic, 15 min
Principals of psychological rehabilitation of the patients. What is really important for surgeons? Titomir, 15 min
12:10-14:10 Presentation of surgical experience of colleagues 120 min. Chairmen - Andree, Zhygulin.
Immediate breast reconstruction. Approach and results in LISOD hospital. Palitsa, Zhygulin, 10 min
Skin-reducing mastectomies in immediate reconstruction. Anikousko, 10 min
Immediate breast reconstruction. Approach in NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE. Smolanka, 10 min
Breast reconstruction with LD-flap and implants. Experience of NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE. Motuziuk, 10 min
Grisotti technique in breast conserving surgery. Experience of NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE. Sydorchuk, 10 min
Omentum flap (Kirikuta’s flap) in breast surgery. Case reports. Silvestrov, 10 min
Lipofilling in oncoplastic surgery. Experience of INNOVACIA clinic. Petah, 10 min
Breast-sharing technique in chest-wall reconstruction after removing the local reccurence. Case report. Gridasov, 5 min
Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery after neoadjuvant treatment. Results from Ternopil University clinic. Galaychuk, 10 min
Immediate breast reconstruction. Approach in Kharkiv Oncological Center. Fomina, 10 min
14:10-15:00 Lunch 50 min
15:00-18:00 Video surgery presentations 180 min
Lumpectomy with lower flap reconstruction, symmetrized reduction mammaplasty + SLNB + ALND. Zhygulin, LISOD, 35 min
Lumpectomy with advanced rotational flap reconstruction + SLNB. Zhygulin, LISOD, 20 min
Nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate implant + ADM reconstruction + SLNB. Zhygulin, LISOD, 30 min
Total Breast Anatomy Restoration reconstruction. Masia, Andree, 15 min
Lymphedema surgery: lympho-lympho and lympho-venous anastomosis. Masia, Andree, 15 min
Breast reconstruction with SGAP-flap. Masia, Andree, 15 min
18:00 Conference closing remarks
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Our vision

The fundamental changes happened in perceptions of breast cancer nature for the last 20 years. The conceptions of Breast cancer diagnostic and treatment essentially changed with accent on improvement of the quality of patients’ life. Modern knowledge and technologies make possible to save or reconstruct the breast, obtaining good esthetic results without deterioration of oncology principles. The new strategy improves treatment results and living standards.

Our conference is an attempt to show and discuss the high-profile issues in breast cancer surgery area, modern tendencies and technologies, practical questions of assistance and aftercare to breast cancer patients to get better results.

The main principals of this conference are openness, cooperation, maximum of usability and high level of discussion based on evidence-based medicine.

Invited Speakers of the Conference
Kuten Abraham Kuten Abraham MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Director of Department of Oncology of Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.
Sheflan Michael Sheflan Michael MD. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon. ISAPS professor of Plastic surgery. Member of the Israel Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Recipient of: The James Barrett Brown Award (ASPS), The Carl Moyer Award (ABA), The Raymond Villan Award (ASAPS), The Malliniac Lecture Award (ASPS). Israel.
Jaume Masia Jaume Masia MD, PhD. Chief of Plastic Surgery Department, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and Hospital del Mar. Professor in Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Universitat Autünoma. Director of the Microsurgery and Breast Reconstructive Unit, Clinica Planas. President of the SECPRE. President of GERMA. Member of Spanish Supervising Committee for the Plastic Surgery Education. Spain.
Robert Leonard Robert Leonard MD, FRCP, FRCPEd, Medical Oncologist. Professor of Cancer Studies Imperial College. Previously Professor of Medical Oncology at Swansea Medical School and Director of the South West Wales Cancer Institute. Medical Director of the cancer care charity, Maggies Centres. Great Britain.
Jian Farhadi Jian Farhadi MD, PhD. Director Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital London. Partner Centre of Breast Cancer Surgery, Clinic Pyramide at Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Founder of BRA Foundation. Chair of London Breast Meeting. Great Britain.
David Morgan David Morgan MB, ChB, radiation oncology, Honorary Consultant Of Oncologist Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Member of ASTRO, ESTRO, BIR, British Breast Group. Great Britain.
Christoph Andree Christoph Andree MD, Professor, Sana Kliniken Düsseldorf. Head of Clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The chair of the International Breast Symposium Dusseldorf. Germany.
Dmytro Unukovych Dmytro Unukovych MD, PhD. Postdoctoral Researcher, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Department of Oncology Pathology. Associate Member of Breast Surgery International and International Society of Surgery. Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.
Khrapach Vasyliy Khrapach Vasyliy MD, PhD, head of surgery department Bogomolets National University, head of association plastic surgeons of Ukraine.
Galich Sergey Galich Sergey MD, PhD, head of plastic surgery and combystology department Shupyk National University, head of reconstructive microsurgery department Shalimov Institute.
Anikusko Nykolay Anikusko Nykolay MD, head of surgery department Kyiv City Clinical Cancer Center.
Andriy Zhygulin Andriy Zhygulin MD. Chief of Surgery Department Lissod Hospital. Chief of Mammology Lissod centre.
Gad Rennert Gad Rennert M.D., Ph.D. Director, Clalit National Israeli Cancer Control Center and Personalized Medicine Program. Professor and Chairman, Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology, Carmel Medical Center and B. Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
Yosef Yarden Yosef Yarden MD, PhD. Department of Molecular Cell Biology, The Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel, Chairman of ICA's Research Committee.

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